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Art of testu Banners:
Illustrations and comics. Illustrated the "Je suis morte" manga. Don't wonder, he's gat the skills that kills.
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Art Of Testu Office. Japanese graphik designer. Cute and refreshing. Don't miss his work for the TOKYO FILMeX
Fresh rocknroll angels. Happenings, installations, kind of punk-artist with femine touch.
European science fiction lover, Keiko and her company KI creates interactive installations around the world. An intelligent way to think about futuristic possibilities.
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COMING SOON. The amazing Ameziane personnal site. A truly good illustrator and great comics creator. Gatling of styles !
CHEERS. Soulful dance music. Great chat about garage music. In french.
COMING SOON. This cinephile is a pro Webdesigner and also rookie photographe. Be aware, he might suprise you…
My favorite Mecha Experiments site. From funny amateurism to finest creativity. A good robot root. Only for otaku like me.
STEEL BATTALION. Direct link to the minisite of thebest robot game ever made by humans. Terrific mecha design like only japanese can imagine… Kakoi !
Santa Inoue is responsible of the manga “Tokyo Tribes”. Hip Hop for real !  ///
Now square enix, the company that made Final Fantasy. For RPG lovers AND elegant and modern images.
MUJI. They sell every goods from your house to casual closes. This company has a real strong visual ID line plus a phylosophie for more than 10 years . (and very low prices if you are in japan).
Léonard de Léonard. Producer-composer-sound designer. Fresh artist. Cute site.
One of the Michael Lau sites. This guy is THE genius of urban culture figurines.
You can google is name because of the tons of site you’ll find. And some of his skateboard comics pages! Follow the leader.
ROUND ONE FIGHT. YOU ARE DEAD.This Mythic company created Street Fighters, Bio Hazard…They have some of the best visual artists. A most for youth culture and creative imertion.
The war FPS are worlwide best sellers. ONLY ONE has got an intelligent purpose and a really beautifull and modern design. Respect.
This link will send you to the editor of Sensei Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid.
French pages. Tsuka has every thing about “oshale” animation.
Lot of updates. A MUST.
Koji Morimoto. Co-directed animation on AKIRA. Is animation studio RULES. Might adapt on anime the greatest manga of all, Matsumoto Tayô’s Tekkon Kinkurito. They also realized the “Beyond” Animatrix…
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!!!! This animation studio just kicks asses. You can start with the Animatrix, but the rest of there productions is awesome. They’ll remain in the good art history books.
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Video Jockey Aï-Hz personnal web site. Vidéo poèmes and more...
This artist can get together electronic and poetry. Unique.
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Art Of Tetsu